April 24, 2014

Your Pregnancy

Congratulations! We are here to make this important event a pleasant and memorable one. The doctors and staff at Contemporary Women’s Care take pride in delivering quality care as well as healthy babies.

Proper obstetrical care is very important to your health and the health of your baby. Obstetrical care at Contemporary Women’s Care begins with two appointments.

The first appointment will be with an OB Coordinator and one of our three Midwives. This is a unique presentation we call OB Orientation. OB Orientation includes a small group interactive educational session, a private and personal one-on-one history with focused counseling where you’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered, and prenatal lab forms you will need. You will also be given “The Baby” CD, an interactive CD loaded with great information for expecting parents. This first appointment will last approximately 1.5 hours.

The second appointment is for your physical examination. Normally this appointment will be one week later and can be set with the provider of your choice, either one of our physicians or one of our midwives. You are encouraged to bring any family members you wish to your obstetrical appointments. We realize this is a very important time for each of you.

For answers to many of the common questions during pregnancy, please see our Pregnancy Library.

Although each physician at Contemporary Women’s Care has her own patients, we work as a team and we’re all your obstetritions. Each doctor’s preference is to provide continuity of care, with the additional flexibility patients often need. What this means is a physician is always available for office care, hospital care or after hours emergencies.

Medical Disclaimer: The information provided in the Contemporary Women’s Care website should be relied upon for medical education purposes only. It is not intended to replace the independent judgment of a health care provider. The appropriateness of a course of treatment for a patient may vary from the medical information provided herein due to individual conditions and/or complications.

  • 4D ultrasound
    4D ultrasound available in Tampa Bay, Florida at Contemporary Women's Care. This technology allows you to see your baby…before he or she is even born! You can watch your baby LIVE with your family and friends on our 45" plasma TV screen. You can decide if your baby looks more like mom or dad. Every OB patient that has seen their baby in their womb has left their 4D appointment FULL of excitement and joy.
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